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I started this blog to share what little I have learnt about cricket for the past 20+ years through my words. You will probably hear me write about leg spin bowling, defensive batting, the carrom ball and game plans. I previously published for many years on Sportskeeda. A fortunate few articles made its way to Yahoo Sports.

When I am not writing cricket, I am a data scientist at Verizon. Hopefully, I can dig into the cricket data and use that to my advantage when making cricketing arguments.

This emailer would be full of cricket chatter, anything from Fawad’s stance to the intricacies of leg spin bowling. Or it might be about your favorite IPL team’s auction strategy. If not all of this, it might be about the ‘Umpire’s call’!

When in doubt, try it out. Take a seat back, subscribe and all my articles go to your inbox. Read them when you are taking a cup of tea or just after you have watched an exhausting match.

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Apurv Sardeshmukh
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