Videos on Spinners

Focuses on some subtleties and variations in spin bowling

Ravi Bishnoi’s variations and focus on his leg break

A look at Ravi Bishnoi’s biggest weapon - googly and top spin. Also looked at a couple of reasons why his leg break isn’t turning much with insights from Richie Benaud’s Masterclass

Ravi Bishnoi Video

Why is Hasaranga’s googly difficult to read?

Hasaranga, the Sri Lankan leg break bowler’s God sent googly has been a menace to the opponents.

Hasaranga's googly

Varun Chakravarthy’s slider and carrom ball

A video pointing out how Varun delivers the slider and carrom ball and what are the clues to look for as a batter.

Varun's Variations

The googly grips and how bowlers bowl it?

Which finger do the bowlers use for the googly - traditional vs edge of the finger googly?

Googly grips


Mishra’s set up of Maxwell

In the recent match of DC against RCB in IPL 2021, Mishra dismissed Maxwell with a clever set up. A walk through of that set up.

Mishra's Maxwell Set-up

Abhishek Sharma’s back-spinner compared with R Ashwin’s

Abhishek Sharma, the slow left arm orthodox for SRH, has a back spinner. A look at how his back-spinner compares with Ravichandran Ashwin’s

Abhishek Sharma's backspinner